This day honors the children who never returned home and survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities.


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Looking for an awesome background for your next union meeting? Here’s a background for members of the CUPE NS Long Term Care and Community Services Coordinating Committee.

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Google Meets:

Nova Scotia’s healthcare unions had a long overdue opportunity to present to the provincial government’s Standing Committee on Health today, about how we can fix our long-term care sector.

(Remember when we used to have a functioning legislature?)

Go to the 47 minute mark to hear CUPE SCFP researcher Govind Rao talk about the desperate need for improved staffing ratios.

CUPE Nova Scotia represents 5,700 frontline workers in LTC, making them, far and away, the largest union in this sector.

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Go to the 47-minute mark to hear CUPE Researcher Govind Rao talk about the desperate need for improved staffing ratios in long term care. His remarks were made to the Legislative Standing Committee on Health.