Q & A’s about the pandemic pay announcement

Do managers qualify for this program?
This program is targeted at front-line staff therefore generally management employees do not qualify. Managers who engage in front-line, hands-on care are eligible for this program. Management, Directors, Senior Directors, Executive staff, and office support staff are not eligible for this program.

 Do physicians or medical residents qualify for this program?
No, physicians and medical residents do not qualify for this program.

Do non-union staff qualify for this program?
Employees do not have to be members of a union to qualify for this program.

I have employees who work for my organization and other healthcare organizations. Are they eligible to receive the payment more than once?
No. Employees are only eligible to receive this payment once. Employees are required to sign a legal declaration confirming that they will only accept the payment from one Employer.

Will it apply to health-care workers who have not been able to work during the pandemic because they are immunocompromised?
This program is targeted to employees who worked during the pandemic. An exception is for those who did work during the four months but were placed on isolation or quarantine or COVID-19 sick leave.

What about employees on leaves (ex. WCB, maternity leave, disability, etc.)?
The employee would have needed to work during the four months to receive a partial benefit, and during all four months to receive the full benefit.

Do workers need to work the four full months to be eligible?
No. They will receive the benefit for the months in which that have worked. If they worked in one month, they would receive one month’s benefit. If they work all four months, they would be eligible for the maximum of $2,000.

Why will everyone receive the same benefit, regardless of income or time worked?
If an employee worked for one day in a month that employee would be eligible for a benefit that month. The program is designed to reduce administrative burden and does not increase based on hours of work.

Is this payment considered pensionable income?
In accordance with the Nova Scotia Employer’s Pension Plan rules this payment is not considered pensionable income.

Will this additional funding be taxable? Why?
This funding is considered income by Canada Revenue Agency and is therefore taxable. As the Employer you are required to deduct taxes from this payment.

If I have questions about this program who should I contact?
Questions related to the funding for this program can be directed to dhwccclaims@novascotia.ca .