Attached correspondence from Dept of Health :

From: Smith, Alexandra

Subject: Healthcare Video document-PARTICIPANT REQUEST

Date: April 10, 20

Good morning:

Earlier this week many of you indicated a willingness to ask your members to participate in video messages campaigns from health care workers to thank Nova Scotians for staying home. We appreciate you sharing this request with your members.

Communications Nova Scotia is collecting photos and video messages from individuals and groups in all corners of our health care system. The idea is for them to thank Nova Scotians for continuing to follow public health directions, and to remind everyone to keep it going. We will edit a selection of them into a video for circulating via social media.

We’re asking for short (ie 5-7 second) “Thank you!” videos and photos. We have an attached sign that you can print and use if you wish. Homemade signs reinforcing social distancing, staying home, and hand washing are also welcome.

We want to ensure diversity, representation from different areas of the province, and representation from different health care professions and workers. Please tell us who is in the video: names of people, name/location of facility, workers represented…ie nurses, doctors, LPNs, cleaners, admins, LTC, etc, etc, etc.

You can send videos and photos to us via:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • WeTransfer
  • Vimeo link
  • YouTube link

Some tips for filming videos:

  • Record in an area with least amount of noise.
  • Do not film with your back to a window (unless it’s night-time). Facing a window could be nice for lighting.
  • Record with the camera at the same height as the subject’s eyes.
  • Use a tripod/stand or rest the phone on something level.
  • If someone else is recording:
    • Keep the phone close to your body to absorb shakiness.
    • Rest your elbows on a nearby object.
  • Use auto focus lock/exposure (AE Lock):
  • Never use zoom. Instead, move camera closer.
  • Shoot horizontal, not vertical.
  • When you hit record, wait three seconds before talking. Wait another three seconds after you stop talking to stop recording.
  • If your phone allows, film in 4k to give us the cleanest video to work with.
  • Use the camera on the back of the phone, not the selfie camera.


If you have technical questions about photos or videos, please contact:

Video Technician, Communications Nova Scotia

If you have questions about the overall project, please contact:

Communications Advisor, Department of Health and Wellness

Thank you.